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Carefully Choosing the Right Sports Shoes

Sports activities are a healthy lifestyle that needs to be applied everyday. To get the maximum benefit from exercise and prevent injury, proper sports shoes are needed. Mistakes in choosing sports shoes that cause discrepancies with sports activities undertaken, can cause various complaints. Starting from blisters toes, pain in the calf (shin splint), heel spurs, achilles tendon pain in the back of the foot (achilles tendonitis), back pain, knee pain, and hip pain. Choosing Sports Shoes As Needed Exercising three or more times per week requires special sports shoes. There are several categories of sports shoes, namely shoes for walking, shoes for running, and shoes for field sports. There are also outdoor sports shoes and other special sports activities, such as golf and cycling. Here are the most commonly used sports shoes, including: Running shoes. This type of shoe is very flexible so that it can support the legs to bend each time the user steps. However, this type of sho
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The Importance of Early Breastfeeding Initiation for Infant Health

Early breastfeeding initiation is an important step to facilitate the baby in starting the breastfeeding process. Newborns placed on the mother's chest or stomach can naturally find their own source of breast milk and suckle. This important process is called initiation of early breastfeeding (IMD). The benefits of breast milk have been shown to play an important role as a primary food source and help strengthen the immune system of newborns to protect it from various diseases. This breastfeeding process can actually be started and strengthened with the initiation of early breastfeeding. Unfortunately, not many people understand the importance of this procedure for babies. Benefits of IMD for Mothers and Babies The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the process of initiating breastfeeding be carried out within the first hour of birth. The trick is to place the baby in the mother's chest as soon as the baby comes out of the birth canal. This baby will then na

Why Someone Can Dream Wet

When entering puberty, young men will experience wet dreams. Not infrequently, such erotic dreams are also experienced by adult men. But what exactly is a wet dream and what about the normal intensity of wet dreams? Wet dreams or nocturnal emission are ejaculations that occur when a man is asleep. Generally at that time, men dream of having sexual relations. Ejaculation during wet dreams can occur without certain stimuli. Wet dreams usually occur together with an erection in the morning. Age factor The number of times a person experiences wet dreams varies greatly. At least 70% of unmarried 21-25 year old men have had wet dreams. Generally, men of productive age, namely from adolescence to 30s, more often experience wet dreams. But older men can still get wet dreams. One of the triggers of wet dreams is the lack of sexual activity, especially in men who do not have a partner. How often a man experiences wet dreams is also thought to be related to masturbation. In general, most w

Benefits and How to Conduct Kegel Gymnastics

Kegel exercises or also called lower pelvic floor exercises are useful for improving conditions that can reduce the strength of the lower pelvic floor muscles, such as labor, aging, being overweight, and surgery can reduce the function and strength of the lower pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises are movements that are intended to tighten the pelvic muscles down. This activity is useful to tighten the muscles under the uterus, bladder and large intestine. Urine Management to Intimate Relations In general, the benefits of Kegel exercises can be detailed as follows: Helps maintain muscle control for bowel movements. Kegel exercises in men are also useful to improve sexual performance. Tightening the pelvic muscles during sexual intercourse can help manage erections or delay ejaculation. For pregnant women, Kegel exercises can facilitate the delivery process. Strong and elastic pelvic muscles are useful to open the birth canal. Kegel exercises can also prevent and relieve hem

Usefulness of Folic Acid for Pregnant Programs

Folic acid for the pregnant program has an important role as a nutrient to increase fertility, help the growth and development of the fetus in the womb, and prevent fetal defects. Not only from vitamin supplements, the best source of folic acid you can get from daily food, you know! The body needs folic acid to produce DNA, form red blood cells, help iron work well in the body, to help when cells and tissues grow rapidly during infancy, adolescence and pregnancy. Not only good for brain function and mental health, folic acid is also dubbed a hero for pregnant women and couples who are running a pregnancy program. Because, there are many benefits of folic acid for pregnant programs and during pregnancy. In fact, folic acid is one of the tips for success for couples who are planning to get a baby. Great Benefits of Folic Acid for Pregnant Programs The benefits of folic acid for pregnant programs, include: Folic acid helps prevent miscarriages and birth defects such as spina bifida